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Dragonfly Teaching Goals

  • To raise the understanding of dyslexia(s) amongst professionals, pupils and parents.

  • To increase recognition of dyslexia-friendly routes into learning (particularly those which address memory-based aspects of different literacy and numeracy codes).

  • To empower dyslexic learners with a variety of informed strategies and skills which enhance their access to ownership and understanding of their own learning.

  • To highlight barriers to learning particularly those precipitated by emotive responses to failure, frustration, anxiety and confusion often experienced by dyslexic learners on a daily basis.

  • To widen the understanding of dyslexia amongst peers to promote increased confidence, self-esteem and equality amongst different learners.

  • To boost access to learning by recognising the need to identify specific learning differences and needs before blindly pursuing a one-size-fits-all approach. The latter necessitates the explicit experience of failure to occur before remedial attention is brought in. Early negative experiences of education can further handicap an individual’s identity, development and aspirations.

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