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Sally Collard

Sally Collard (née Raymond) is qualified and experienced in the subject of dyslexia.

As a parent of a dyslexic daughter (who is now 29 years old), she understands the anxieties, frustrations and confusions often faced by families. Her training in this area provides her with the knowledge and understanding she wishes she had when her daughter was younger.

Sally has written a number of books and enjoys her work working with all ages of learner, their parents and practitioners

  • providing individual tuition for dyslexic children
  • teacher training
  • courses for parents
  • and anything else that contains the word dyslexia!

This website aims to pass on activities and advice that helps dyslexic learners (along with their their teachers and parents) understand the weaknesses and strengths of their learning profile. By hooking into their strengths and engaging their learning through methods that are multi-sensory, amusing and engaging, dyslexic indididuals are empowered with success.


Sally Collard – DipSpLD(Hornsby), QTLS, PGDip(SEN)