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Spelling Tricks for Children

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My new book …

SpellingTricks for Children by Sally Raymond

for those who want to:

get TOP MARKS in spelling,

ENJOY spelling,

GRIN as you dodge common mistakes.

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Written by Sally Raymond. Illustrations by Sally Collard and L. Collard. 112 pages. Coil binding. Full colour pictures. Cream pages. ‘Helpful Advice’ and a fun spelling game for learners. ‘Underlying Principles’ for parents and teachers.

Best selling spelling …

It is with great delight that I hear that my Spelling Rules, Riddles and Remedies book is helping teachers understand and deliver engaging spelling lessons to those who need it.

Available from Amazon

Available from Amazon

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Reading Access and Support

 Unconditional Support for the Struggling Reader

– removing barriers to failure

I have written this article to highlight the success of using an alternative strategy to support reading to engage those who are experiencing failure, frustration and lack of motivational reward.

A project using this approach with parents of dyslexic children in Cornwall proved to be very successful – more details on request.

Reading failure breeds low self-esteem, frustration and exclusion. Poor readers are hampered in their ability to access the language, information and rewards of achievement afforded to their peers. They face embarrassment, disappointment and demotivation. And, as if that wasn’t enough, they are then often subjected to torturous methods of intervention which only perpetuate their lack of reading success. (more…)

Telling the Time

Many dyslexic and dyspraxic child struggle to learn how to tell the time. This can lead to frustration and embarrassment, but also a poor sense of time.